Rapid Requirements Management

Rapid Requirements Management (RRM℠) is our proprietary methodology that enables our clients to standardize and improve the way their IT and Business Operations organizations interact with their internal business customers. RRM℠ is rigorous, predictable, repeatable and scalable. It captures, defines, manages and tracks business and functional needs. RRM℠ enables managing to aggressive but achievable timelines.

RRM℠ comprises widely accepted industry best practices. It employs a formalized structure for developing appropriate communications and documentation, structured mechanics streamlined for supporting end-to-end traceability from a business need all the way to implementation and adoption. Our adaptation of techniques and approaches makes RRM℠ easy to incorporate into any organization.

RRM℠ is the sole methodology employed by our team of certified management consultants in all domains in the Life Sciences industry. Further, RRM℠ can be modified and has been adopted by some of the largest and most respected Life Sciences companies in the world.