Centerline’s services continue to evolve. They reflect a combination of the years of working together with our clients to solve their challenges and proactively identifying common industry patterns in need of attention.

Adoption of the Centerline RRM℠ methodology into your organization and culture, improving your processes – today and tomorrow.

Services include:

  • Define the objectives of an improved enterprise requirements management organization, center of excellence, capability or service.
  • Assess your current state of business analysis, including methods, procedures, technology, templates and resources.
  • Provide recommendations, including those relating to organizational structure and roles, program plan, resource plan, timeline and funding model for reaching the end-state.
  • Manage the adoption of Centerline’s RRM℠ method to align to your internal processes, culture and roll out plan.
A modified Requirements Capability Adoption to both improve your capabilities and have Centerline assume the responsibility of managing the business analysis function and repository of processes and requirements as a service.

In addition to Capability Adoption (as described above), Centerline will:

  • Work with you to estimate, forecast and prepare for project demand.
  • Staff and manage the Requirements phases of projects.
  • Coordinate downstream project activities.
  • Collaborate with other suppliers as directed.
  • Continuously manage the process and requirements repository.
Visualization of the process with a focus on the user experience.

A Requirements Management engagement where the user experience is paramount (e.g. digital, mobile, highly interactive). Centerline leverages the foundational techniques in RRM℠ along with the application of our Agile and UX Expertise.

Centerline has frequently been engaged to rescue a project in jeopardy and carefully assume ownership while leveraging any positive work that has been performed. Centerline has developed a structured approach for assessing the current state of a project and transitioning into a delivery role. Additionally, we have been engaged to only assess a project in jeopardy of missing commitments and recommend possible solutions.
A focused engagement designed to:

  • Confirm/validate the scope, requirements and objectives of the project – including ensuring Business and IT are in sync in their mutual understanding of the scope and objectives.
  • Capture, manage and document requirements to a new standard of quality and completeness.
  • Support the full spectrum of solution alternatives, ranging from RFP/RFI development to help differentiate solutions based on process needs to full requirements for configuration, customization or build.
  • Produce a set of final deliverables that embody business goals, domain knowledge and facilitated agreement that can be the input to non-subject matter expert development or configuration teams and reduce the likelihood of churn/change orders or missed expectations.